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Saddle bag re-blackening with Mother's "Back to Black"

August 2007

On one of the Internet BMW mailing lists, a product called "Back to Black", by Mother's was mentioned as being good to darken BMW hard bags that had faded (gone white) from sun exposure. Some pictures were provided, it looked pretty good.

So I thought I'd try some. It was easy to find, the local Advance Auto had it on the shelf.

Back to Black

My bags were pretty faded from sunlight, I rode the bike to work for years and left it out in the sun all day while I was at work. In addition to fading to white, the bags were pitted and lined.

I tried the product on the left bag first, as it was the worst of the two. The results -pretty good, but certainly not a restoration to new condition. Just as well, they'd look out of place on my bike if they looked new!

Both Bags

As you can see, there is a marked difference.

If the treatment turns out to be a disappointment in some way or another, I'll update this page to reflect that. I assume that it will have to be repeated on occasion, but I can only hope that it's not too often, and that, unlike another common product, it doesn't make the plastic actually worse as it wears off, leading to a product "addiction"

Since I no longer park the bike outside all day very often, it might be quite a while before I know anything.

Incidentally, despite the name, the label says that it works well on plastics of other colors. I have not tried this, at least not yet.